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  1. clismo schreef:

    Craig David – Born to Do It

  2. clismo schreef:

    Uriah Heep komt uit een boek van Dickens, en Craig David … [google] … “CRAIG DAVID : The great lost Dickens novel
    Very few people know that Craig David was the name of Charles Dickens’ first ever novel. Unsurprising since it was never published. This was due to a couple of problems: the first being that Dickens felt that having a character with the same initials may paint it as too obviously autobiographical (like reversing the initials for David Copperfield made this impossible to guess). Mainly the problem was that Craig David, much like his musical namesake, really wasn’t much cop. Still vestiges of the novel remain in manuscript form for the enlightened commentator (or in this case me) to pour over. Note how many of Dickens regular themes are already apparent, plus the appearance of favourite later characters in a nascent form.”

    Geinig. Nooit geweten.

  3. jono schreef:

    Aryen volgens mij ook niet. Hem kennende zocht hij de connectie eerder in het laatste nummer: Rewind (the Crowd Say Bo Selecta), dat Craig David samen met Artful Dodger deed. En Artful Dodger was, inderdaad, ook een Charles Dickens-personage, en wel uit zijn beroemdste roman Oliver Twist. Maar wel een grappig toeval.

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